AACC Online’s 18 Hour Cam Prelicensure Textbook

CAM License exam textbook

COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT FLORIDA: AACC Online’s 18 Hour Cam Prelicensure Textbook Paperback

 Community Association Management Florida is an introductory text to community association management in Florida. This book explains the concepts behind common interest communities (i.e. homeowners, condominium, and cooperative associations) and crucial knowledge that must be understood to  earn your CAM License and manage communities effectively.

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Additional Resources

The Condominium Concept

The Condominium Concept by Peter M. Dunbar

 A practical and popular guide to operating a successful condominium association in Florida. Working tool with forms and references to the latest Florida Statutes. For officers, owners, realtors, attorneys and directors. 

Florida Homeowners Associations

The Florida Homeowners Association by Dunbar and Dudley

 Completely updated guide to the laws governing HOA's in Florida. This book covers everything from creating and maintaining a budget to conducting productive meetings. Includes 27 forms that can be adapted to any association. 

New Neighborhoods

New Neighborhoods by Gary Poliakoff and Ryan Poliakoff

A consumer's guide that details the most important aspects of buying or living in a Shared Ownership Community (condo, co-op, or HOA) as well as provides in-depth information on how to effectively serve as a board member or volunteer. 

Robert's Rules of Order

Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised In Brief

All the rules you need in a meeting made simple and easy--the only authorized concise guide on parliamentary procedure. First published in 2005 to meet the need for a simple and short book on parliamentary procedure.

Mastering the Business of Your Association

Mastering the Business of Your Association No More HOA Commando by Jane Bolin

 Real estate attorney Jane Bolin explores new opportunities for board members, community association managers, and their vendors when they choose to run their association like a business.

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